Quickly compress all your JPEG images and camera pictures. Make them up to 50 % lighter with the same quality. You are just one click away from saving tons of disk and Cloud storage space.

With Effipeg:
  • Free up to 50 % of your disk and Cloud storage space used for images
  • Keep all your pictures with their original, high-quality definition
  • Speed up image tranfers (DropBox, mail)

Don't take our word for it: just compare the two images below, keeping in mind that the original image is almost twice as big as the compressed one.
As you can see, Effipeg makes your images smaller with unchanged quality!

Multi-core optimization: While optimizing your images, Effipeg takes advantage of all the processing power your computer can offer. Your images are ready as soon as possible -- with the same crisp quality.
Free storage space: Our images can quickly use most of the space on our hard drives and Cloud storages... which ends up being expensive! With Effipeg, you can put up to twice as many images on the same storage space.

Register Effipeg

Effipeg is completely free to use for single image and small folders (up to 10 files) optimization. Please purchase a registration code to batch-convert an unlimited number of files and show your support to independent macOS software developers!

Register Effipeg! (19€)