Watcher 5

Watcher brings Parental Control on Mac OS X to a new level. With Watcher, limit the time your kids can use Safari, Instant Messaging, or even games on a daily basis. Watcher uses the latest Mac OS X technologies to bring you the most enjoyable user experience, with the traditional ease of use of Mac OS software.
Managing accounts is so easy that you will do it from a single window.

Watcher 4 introduced network-wide settings. Now, Watcher 5 improves it and allows you to configure Watcher on a firewall-protected computer.

What's new with Watcher 5:
  • OS X 10.11 El Capitan support (Watcher 5.7)
  • Watcher now saves settings and statistics when upgrading to a newer version
  • Added the ability to replace the screen fading effect with a standard alert
  • Curfew alerts can be automatically hidden after 60 seconds

Monitor disk usage, too. With Watcher 5, don't let your kids fill your hard drive with their internet downloads. Setup disk usage limit just like you define time limits, and you're done. Watcher 5 handles it the same way.
Remember to forget settings. Thanks to Bonjour, Watcher 5 automatically finds the computer on which your settings are. Forget those long afternoons spent on configuring your network ! You won't even have to enter a single IP address. Better yet, Watcher 5 will run on virtually every network your Mac is on - Ethernet, Airport, or even FireWire.

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With Watcher 5, setup a curfew for week days and week ends. This way, your kids won't use the computer too early or too late !

Automatic Credit

Decide how long a given user can use the computer on a regular basis (week days or week ends), and let Watcher handle everyting.

Instant Networking

As soon as you have configured Watcher, every computer in your network will be aware of the change.


How long is your son using the computer every day? Watcher lets you know by providing detailed statistics.